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6 Essential Tips For Traveling Well With Your Dog By Car.

6 Essential Tips For Traveling Well With Your Dog By Car.

Are you going to travel by car with your dog soon?

So be aware that it is important to prepare it well!

It's the best way to have a safe trip...

...and avoid trouble and barking all the way!

Fortunately, to make a long car trip with your dog go well, there are simple and effective tips.

Here are 6 simple tips for a successful road trip with your dog . Watch:

6 Essential Tips For Traveling Well With Your Dog By Car.

1. Get him used to riding in a car

If your dog doesn't like to ride in a car, take it step by step by first feeding him near the car.

Then continue by giving it to him inside the car, taking care to leave the door open.

Afterwards, you can feed it in the car, while leaving the engine running.

It will then be time to take short car trips and increase the travel time as you go.

Be aware that you must avoid overwhelming him with emotions by doing everything at the same time, especially if the animal has just joined your home.

2. Use a transport crate

For long car journeys, it is best to put your dog in a crate or carrier bag.

If you don't want to put it in a crate, know that you can also attach it to the back with a special safety belt.

Why all these precautions? Because it is risky that a dog is not tied in a car.

Indeed, in the event of an accident, it can become a projectile and it is dangerous for him and the occupants of the car.

3. Don't put it on the passenger seat

Animal protection associations also point out that a dog sitting in the front passenger seat of a car can crash into the dashboard in the event of an impact.

And unfortunately, he can also be killed by the airbag if this is triggered.

For a driver, it is also dangerous to drive with a pet on his lap or at his feet.

It can indeed jam the pedals and prevent you from driving well or reacting quickly when needed.

4. Don't let him lean out of the window

During a long car journey, it is best that your dog does not lean out of the window!

Why ? Because an external flying object or a tree branch could easily injure your pet...

Not to mention that this one might even jump out and escape if you lower the window too much.

And sometimes it can even happen that a dog lowers or raises the car window itself, accidentally pressing the button with its paw.

5. What if he has motion sickness?

If your pet has motion sickness, your veterinarian can recommend a medicine to calm it like this one.

And to prevent your dog from vomiting in the car, simply avoid feeding him the morning of the trip.

It's very simple, but it can avoid a lot of worries during the trip!

6. Take breaks every hour

When you're on a long car ride, remember that your dog has the same needs as you!

That's why you have to take it out every hour. He must be able to stretch his legs, relieve himself and drink regularly.

Also bring him a toy to hide treats and distract him during the ride.

Remember that some dogs are very patient travelers, but others can't stand traveling for more than an hour...