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The lamb season has started on Texel!

The first locations have just been added to the Lambs Radar and that means:the first lambs are walking in the meadow! A happy moment, on Texel this really means the beginning of spring. The online map contains the exact locations of newborn lambs in the Texel landscape. Texel is known as the sheep island of the Netherlands. 22,000 lambs are expected to be born between now and mid-April, the first lambs have now been spotted on the radar and the lamb season has officially started.

On the radar

The Lambs Radar shows live where the lambs are located. Now that is only one location, next month there will be a baby boom on Texel and the radar will soon fill up with dozens of locations. The radar is filled by sheep farmers, who pass on the current locations. The Lambs Radar is ideal for anyone who wants to spot the cute lambs, map out a walking or cycling route along them or are looking for photogenic locations.

The sheep and their lambs are moved regularly. Sheep farmers share the location of the new pasture with the Lammetjesradar via WhatsApp, after which the radar is renewed. In addition to the locations, the farmers also send photos of their herd, which can be followed via Instagram @lammetjesradar.

These are busy times for sheep farmers, because Texel changes into a lamb island in a few weeks. While cycling and walking along the meadows you will experience the real spring feeling on the island. In addition to location updates, also provides information about Texel sheep farmers, activities and accommodation options on the island.

Photographer:Justin Sinner Pictures