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Taking your kitten home – 5 tips

Bringing in a new cat raises questions, especially if it's your first time getting a cat. What should you keep in mind when you want to take a kitten home? Here are 5 tips.

1. Always wait 12 weeks

A kitten must be 12 weeks old before it can be taken away from its mother. Kittens that are separated from the mother prematurely are at risk of becoming insecure. Therefore, never pick up a kitten that is younger than 12 weeks.

2. Wait for the weekend

The first time with the cat is important! If you have the chance, feel free to take the cat home on the weekend. This way, the whole family has time to spend in peace with the new family member. It ensures a safe return home.

3. Travel safely

Whether you take your cat home on foot, by car or by bus, it is important that your cat is transported safely. The kitten should be placed in a carrier, which can be covered with a blanket. You should never leave your cat loose in the car or bus. It can be life-threatening for both you and your cat. Keep in mind that the cat can become stressed during the trip, so it may be good to have paper towels and clean towels if the accident occurs.

4. What is needed in the house?

When your cat comes home, he will need a litter box, water bowl, food bowl, and a bed or pillow to sleep on. Keep in mind that many cats prefer to drink and eat in different places. Also prepare for return home by preparing a safe place where the kitten can rest if it wants to retreat.

5. Cats and children!

Many families with children choose to get a cat, and it works out well – cats and children love each other. But it is important to teach your child how to treat a cat early on. Cats need their sleep and it's important not to disturb a cat that is sleeping or wanting to run away. Keep in mind that small cats are mischievous and have sharp claws. Therefore, keep the kitten away from the little ones.