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The Thing That Works To Get Ants Out Of The House Fast.

Tired of ants all over the house?

I give you here my natural trick to make a homemade organic ant repellent.

Nothing could be easier to do, you'll see.

2 ingredients and your homemade anti ant is already ready. All you have to do is use it.

And in addition, it is much cheaper than the majority of commercial insecticides. And much less dangerous.

Here is how to get ants out of your home quickly with cornmeal and baking soda . Watch:

  • What you need
  • How to
  • Result
  • Bonus Tips
  • Why does it work?

What you need

- cornmeal

- baking soda

How to

1. In a small container, mix 2/3 cornmeal with 1/3 baking soda.

2. Place the mixture in small heaps where ants usually pass.

3. Do not hesitate to put some along the windows, the terrace or the door.

4. Let the ants take the mixture back to the anthill and eat it.


And There you go ! Thanks to this grandma's trick, you drove the ants out of the house :-)

Easy, fast and efficient, right?

No more ants invading the house to steal food.

It's still better than seeing all those ants infiltrating all over the house and nibbling on your food!

Obviously this natural trick works both inside and outside your house or apartment.

And it even works in the vegetable garden, especially around strawberries.

Cornmeal, also called polenta, is easy to find in stores and inexpensive.

In addition, it is not dangerous for children or other animals, unlike toxic commercial anti-ant products.

Remember to reapply regularly, about once a week.

Bonus Tips

To enhance the effect of this mixture, pass a sponge soaked in white vinegar over the areas where ants pass.

Ants hate the smell of white vinegar and won't go through it again.

Why does it work?

Ants love to eat cornmeal.

The problem is that baking soda is not digestible for ants.

Once the ants have eaten the baking soda, it will create gas in their stomach.

The ants cannot eliminate the gas, which will cause them to bloat and succumb.

It is therefore a good part of the colony that will be poisoned because of this mixture.

In a few days, the ants are decimated and no longer come running in your kitchen.