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How Do I Easily Remove Dog Hair From My Fabrics?

My dog ​​is adorable, but the problem is that he losing hair all over the house!

Dog hair becomes embedded in fabrics and is therefore very difficult to remove.

Fortunately, there is an effective trick to easily remove dog hair from fabrics. Just use a latex glove.

  • How to
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How to

1. Put on a latex glove.

2. Run your hand over the hair-covered fabric surface.

3. Repeat until there are no more hairs.


There you go, there is no more dog hair on your fabrics :-)

In a few minutes, you have made all your dog's hair disappear.

This trick works for any fabric surface:clothes, sofa, basket, in short, anywhere the hairs stick together.

No more clogging the washing machine with unsightly dog ​​hair and no more hair, even on clothes.

Bonus tip

Of course, this trick works for the hair of all animals... hairy , but also for the feathers and down of birds (which escape from the cage and fly towards the sofa, for example), or even all the little stuffed animals that our fabrics catch everywhere...